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Watch How We've Grown

I'm a shared gallery. Here you can upload photos and videos, tag people in them, and include written descriptions. Be sure to encourage others in your community to do the same. You can set permissions to control what different members can do.

Taproots 2023 Fall Festival

Join us on Saturday, November 4th from 2:00 - 5:00pm at The Yard in Beacon for our second annual Taproots Fall Festival! This free community event has it all -  family friendly fun, climate justice activities and education, live music, food, yard games, and more!

Attendees enjoying BCAN's Taproots Festival

2023 Local Candidate Endorsements

We are excited to have made our first ever endorsements of local candidates for public office in Beacon and Dutchess County! We evaluated each candidate through the lens of our climate justice-centered policy platform — the Beautiful Futures Campaign.


These candidates (all running for re-election) are committed to helping us fight for our priorities in local legislative bodies in order to co-create a more beautiful future for all of us. Want to volunteer with BCAN to support our endorsed candidates this election cycle? Sign up here.

Yvette Valdés Smith


Yvette Valdés Smith

"I stand with BCAN’s mission to make our communities socioeconomically just for all and to make sure we are offering environmental protections and solutions. Together, we will be able to provide legislation that connects and strengthens communities."

  • Yvette Valdés Smith's Website
Dan Aymar-Blair


Dan Aymar-Blair

"BCAN is mobilizing Beacon and the Hudson Valley in the fight for climate justice. Their work advocating for electrification has already been transformative. That's why I'm honored and excited to have BCAN's support and look forward to fighting by their side for a better world."

  • Dan Aymar-Blair's Instagram
Paloma Wake


Paloma Wake

"I was proud to be an advocate and collaborator on Beacon’s model Electric Buildings legislation alongside BCAN and our partners. BCAN’s Beautiful Futures campaign is an inspiring vision for our region. I look forward to building this future alongside our shared communities."

  • Paloma Wake's website
Megan Deichler


Megan Deichler

"I hope to work with partners like BCAN to advance legislation that addresses our climate emergency, as well as Poughkeepsie-specific issues such as replacing lead water pipes, addressing housing affordability, and updating our infrastructure for a more healthy, sustainable future."

  • Megan Deichler's Facebook
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